Astoria Safety Stores Choice

Don’t be caught out by not employing home security equipment and devices to protect your home and family. Too many people assume it won’t happen to them and only consider home security once they have had the distressing experience of a break-in.

The following are the most popular and effective choices of home security equipment and other preventative methods that are currently available:


-Home security burglar alarm system

-Home security camera systems

-Exterior security lighting and exterior motion-sensors

-Securing windows and securing door locks

-Using deadlock door bolts for all exterior doors. click here to know more info about this.

-Driveway motion sensors

-Driveway gates

-Security window bars


-Home safe to keep your valuables in

When assessing your home security strategy, the first choice of security equipment has to be a quality burglar alarm system. You have a choice of hardwired or wireless system and both have their pros and cons. Installation is far simpler with a wireless alarm system and any capable DIY’er can easily install one, thus reducing the cost.