Medical Marijuana- Pros And Cons

The debate on the use of medical marijuana has always been a touchy subject. The supporters and the detractors both make strongly valid points as to why they believe the way they do. Let’s face it…this isn’t a debate that is going to end quickly. Marijuana is technically an illegal drug in all but two of the states in the USA. Recently, Washington and Colorado allowed for recreational use to be legal within limits. Medical marijuana use has to be prescribed from a licensed physician and despite all the benefits it has with diseases like AIDS, glaucoma, cancer and diabetes, it still is strongly opposed by many citizens and politicians. The argument is that if marijuana becomes legal, will it just be a gateway drug to other illegal drugs becoming legal?

Whatever you believe is your own opinion but the media presents hundreds of websites that both support and oppose this. It’s easy to get overwhelmed if you’re unsure of how you feel on the subject. That’s where social media can step in. It used to be that information was passed through word of mouth, newspaper, or television. Nowadays, there are far more personal ways to learn about hot-button topics such as these. For better tips visit

Attending an open forum online where an interactive discussion is being held can shed light on many areas of the debate that the media has either gotten wrong, or slanted in a way that benefits whatever political view they tend to side on. By creating a space for people to go to ask questions, get information and interact with people that may share their views and if not, offer other views in a concise intelligent manner, a whole new realm of possibility has been opened up.

As an example, let’s say you’ve always been opposed to the use of marijuana. You went to college and you saw your peers using it in ways designed purely for pleasure, and you saw how it escalated as that “stoned” feeling became addictive to them. So that’s how you associate it. But then you learn that a family member has cancer, and medical marijuana includes an ingredient within that can help stop the cancer from spreading. This shines a whole new light on what was once just something your “pothead” friends used. It’s actually helping someone.

So you gather information through real-time commentary and open yourself up to a whole new way of thinking. You’ve never seen this side of the debate and it opens your mind to a whole new way of thinking. Or maybe you’re not convinced and you hold to your original way of thinking. Either way, the use of social media has opened up a new arena to discuss, enlighten and educate on touchy topics in ways it has never done before.