Popular Baby play yard- Insights

First of all, I must congratulate you on having your wonderful bundle of joy! It may seem a little frustrating having to keep 2 eyeballs on him or her all the time. But nothing beats a healthy, happy baby! I am sure you agree with me. A play yard for babies is a good way for baby to play safely! This is just a short time solution when you just need to get some cooking done or some other household chore done. If you need to go out of the house, then of course, a play yard is not the answer. Even when my little one was simply watching her favorite television shows, we still had to keep her inside a play yard just to make sure she did not wander of in the middle of the show. She got easily distracted or bored and she would not make a sound while wandering off to explore something else. One popular and best selling play yard is from North States Industries, which sounds more like some company that might be mining heavy metals instead of manufacturing baby products. You can get additional information at baby play yard.

It comes with the minimum standard features we come to expect from such products. It is lightweight and portable. It also sets up quickly with pre-connected panels. You can also disassemble it quickly and you can store it nicely in a small, compact area when not in use. As it is simply an enclosure to surround a toddler, you may want to supplement it with a floor mat for safety reasons, unless you already have something like a carpet underneath. Since it folds so nicely as well, it can easily be brought for outdoor use or you can bring it along to grandma’s house for toddler to play in as well. Also note that this play yard is light enough for baby to push around, so you may need to secure it to the wall or a solid item. Unfortunately, the lightweight feature could also be a small liability. Even though baby seems safe inside the play enclosure, it is still good to keep one eye on baby to make sure they have not found some innovative way to climb out of the play yard. My toddlers learnt to scale the enclosure but did not dare to actually jump out since they felt it was a long way down. We had to move it away from any nearby chairs as they found it convenient to have a nice chair to help them climb out.